Featured Content: Through the Glass

A man inside a coffee shop tries to make a connection with a woman he sees outside his window. A short film directed by Julian Sibal. Starring: John Patterson, Chloe Slater, LaVon Wageman, and Jimmy Lin Produced by: Julian Sibal, Nico Nava, and Venice Maki Music by: Peter Lam Cinematography by: J.W.

A vision has come to life. I still remember talking to Julian Sibal about this idea for the film that he has been passionately writing about. When I say passionate, it was the kind whenever we had the chance to speak, this film that he has been writing and working on is the first, and mostly the only topic he prefers to speak about. But Julian did something wonderful, and that was to contact the best of his networks, and relaying the passion and excitement for his short film. Words that he used to gather the team to create his first film was captivating and invigorating. 

It was a such gem, and an honor, to be producing along with a great team of crews and talent this short film.

Stay tuned for public screening dates.


Lead: John Patterson



Lead: Chloe Slater


Cast and Crew

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