So, what is Project: ICONIC?

Project ICONIC provides media and event production services. Quality. Aesthetic. Unforgettable.

The name started with an anagram for NICO, which was rearranged to ICON, then to putting it an adjective ICONIC. Fascinated by the definition of ICONIC, NICO realigned his visions and creativity  to what makes a project iconic. Holding the value of creating memorable, unique, and unforgettable experiences for people, the name Project: ICONIC became a title, a philosophy, and a mission.

Behind the logo

The laurel resembles creativity and achievement. The stars below are an homage to Los Angeles, the City of Stars, and where Project: ICONIC started. The letters in the middle spells to ICONIC, and also to NICO.




Relating to or of the nature of an icon:

‘he became an iconic figure for directors around the world’


Mid 17th century: from Latin iconicus, from Greek eikonikos, from eikōn likeness, image.